The will and intention were there, I swear

Achieving a goal has a recipe for success. There’s no magic ingredient (let’s just go with this metaphor, even though it’s…wait for it…stale). Achieving a goal is making a conscious decision to achieve something, breaking it down into manageable steps, and then working your a$$ off until it’s done. Goal achievement is persisting even when things seem daunting. Decide, commit, and achieve. Simple, right?

Oh, I also forgot. You need time. I need time to achieve some of my challenges and of course I was too tired to work towards some of my goals.

Last minute urgent work at work, and I ended up working just over 12 hours today. I looked at my gym bag, packed so optimistically with my running shoes and even my sports bra, and I sighed. I was totally prepared to walk diagonally because of treadmill vertigo today. I then looked at the dusky frozen wasteland outside and realized that I left work right after, I could theoretically be home in 45 minutes. Rush hour traffic, see? At that point, I realized that I just could not bring myself to work out after work and be at the office for 14 hours. I was hungry, exhausted and I felt guilty about setting more time aside for non-family time. No workout, but I finished the crazy last minute assignment.

I have been home an hour now. I inhaled the dinner my husband made. I asked my kids about their days, and that’s when things took a downturn in my communication abilities. I’m incoherent and my kids are both in shiny, cheerful moods. It’s a twisted joke by fate. Having a teenager and a preteen both in a good mood at the same time is an amazing rare gift. I think I mumbled something in approval when my daughter massaged my shoulders with her forehead. I have great kids.

Maybe this is the reason I have put off some goals is because I have finite time and energy. Maybe I need to reorganize my time. I just simply tried to insert goal work into current life. It’s not working. I have no workouts, no helicopters, and no bugs. Tomorrow, I will change my strategy but right now, I’m going to go collapse in bed after a half-a$$ed tooth brushing.

Good night y’all.


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