Bugs again

I’m sorry–I can’t stop thinking about bugs. Before you get all pedantic on me, I know that spiders are not insects, but arachnids. In the interest of condensing my word count, I lump all of the nasty buggers into the rather inelegant category of bugs.

Saying I have an aversion to bugs is like saying Superstorm Sandy was a rain shower. I have not an ounce of shame when I leaped onto a chair in grad school. I took the below picture of a giant spider outside of my classroom and the damn thing followed me into the classroom. Granted, I wasn’t the only one jumping onto my chair, but I was the only one shrieking. This picture here shows the offending spider, and a dramatized version given my reaction artistically rendered by my friend Carol:

Some people claim there was no spider (yes, I’m talking about you Hilary) so I’ve circled it in red:

with spider

I went down some rabbit holes while doing some research on entomophagy. Holy sh*t, you guys, there’s some messed up sh*t out there. And I will probably never sleep again.

There was a woman recently who went to eat a banana and Brazilian wandering spiders burst out of it.  My reaction?



How about deep-fried scorpion?


Should you choose to click on the link for deep-fried scorpion, please look at whole slide show. The description of the paste that oozes out of a cooked tarantula on that one slide…well, this is my reaction:


I will probably not love bugs after eating a grasshopper. Maybe all this exposure to the Things that Must Not Be Named will help reduce my aversion/phobia?

Let me know if you think so when you stop laughing.


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