Day One

This is not a bucket list. In 364 days, when I turn 40, I’m not handing over my youth and retiring. What I am doing is trying to shake some of the beliefs and habits that I’ve accepted about myself that limit what I do—and who I am.

I put out a call to my family and friends to help me put together a list of challenges to do before my next birthday. I want to do one challenge a month for the next 12 months. I’ve selected 12 based on what I could do realistically, and here they are:

1)      Zip lining

2)      Go vegan for a month

3)      Say yes to any opportunity to do something new

4)      Hot air balloon ride/helicopter ride

5)      Dance class

6)      Charity 10K run

7)      Mountain scramble with Natasha

8)      Eat a chocolate-covered grasshopper

9)      Streak

10)   Travel separately with my daughter, my son, and husband

11)   Paint one painting a month and sell my art online

12)   Start a blog

Welcome to number 12 🙂

The list is not static. I’ve been challenged to walk on hot coals, do the West Coast Trail, get a motorcycle license, join a roller derby, do a biathlon or triathlon, have dinner with a famous celebrity, travel to Boston and Milwaukee, knit, learn to make cheese, be in a flash mob, white water raft, perform in front of a group, pole-dancing lesson, have another baby, get my Ph.D., do something extreme with my hair, and buy everything that my daughter wants for an entire month (guess who suggested the last one?). Some of these things I’ve done already, and some pose more of a challenge but if I can do them, I will.

For the next 12 months, I will write every day about the challenges and the new ones that I do. I will post pictorial evidence. I will eat bugs because I said I would.


2 comments on “Day One

  1. ana lazarevic says:

    I love the vegan for a month idea. Let me know which month you end up doing and I might join you. We can console each other as our Serbian family and friends devour our furry friends 😦
    Also, I have done a similar list for the past few years and it’s super fun.

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